The ASU Career Launchpad is your exclusive member-only professional development program designed to help you take the next step in your career.

2019 live webinar program has now been completed

The 2020 Career Launchpad program will be released in February.
In the meantime, check out some of our 40 webinars now available as videos on demand!

Career move
  • Job Application Toolkit Part 1 - Resumes
  • Job Application Toolkit Part 2 – Key selection Criteria
  • Job Application Toolkit Part 3 – Interviews
  • Launch your Next Career Move – Applying for Jobs
  • Launch your Next Career Move – How to Land your Next job
  • Launch your Next Career Move – Preparing for a Successful Performance Review
  • Launch your Next Career Move – Navigating Coaching with my Manager to Achieve Results
  • Launch your Next Career Move: Stepping Up – Navigating Your Own Career
  • Launch your Next Career Move: Managing your Career and Networking
  • Parental Leave & You: Session 1 – So you are planning to take parental leave
  • Parental Leave & You: Session 2 – Arranging your return to work
  • Parental Leave & You: Session 3 – Transitioning back to work
ASU Launch into Leadership
  • Launch into Leadership: Contributing to and Leading High Performing Teams
  • Launch into Leadership: Leading and managing others
  • Launch into Leadership: Stepping up to leadership
  • Launch into Leadership: Becoming a successful leader
  • Launch into Leadership: Introduction to leading others
  • Launch into Leadership: Understanding Team work and Team Dynamics
  • Launch into Leadership: Having Tough Conversations & Making Difficult decisions
ASU Boost Skills
  • Boost your Skills: Effective Workplace Communications
  • Boost your Skills: Managing Conflict and Handling Difficult Conversations
  • Boost your Skills: Effective Time Management
  • Boost your Skills: How to deal with Difficult Customers and Customer Aggression
  • Boost your Skills: How to run effective meetings
  • Boost your Skills: Working with Difficult People
  • Boost your Skills: Supercharge your Public Speaking Skills
  • Boost your Skills: Nutrition for Health and Wellbeing
  • NDIS Code of Conduct Training
ASU Work Shouldn't Hurt
  • Work Shouldn’t Hurt: Understanding Stress to Avoid Burnout
  • Work Shouldn’t Hurt: Work Life Balance, Resilience, Stress Management and Self Care
  • Work Shouldn’t Hurt: Working in Heat – Protect yourself from the dangers of working outdoors
  • Work Shouldn’t Hurt: Bullying and Intimidation in the workplace
ASU IT Skills
  • Ignite your IT Skills: Become an Excel Expert – Excel for Intermediates
  • Ignite your IT Skills: Make your Presentations Stand Out – PowerPoint for Intermediates
  • Ignite your IT Skills: Become an Excel Expert – Cracking the Excel Pivot Table
ASU Fire finances

Fire up your Finances:

  • Fire up your Finances: CareSuper Superannuation Series: Own your Future – 4 easy steps to take control of your Super
  • Fire up your Finances: CareSuper Superannuation Series: Women and Super – Tips to close the retirement gender super gap
  • Fire up your Finances: Mastering your Money – Budgeting on the go

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